Are You Trans Or A New Breed?

I am particularly talking to the younger generations with this. I am not transphobic. I believe that sort of experience sounds extremely tough to go through. I do think that some people are majorly confused by our gendered world and think just because they are attracted to certain things, that means that they were “born wrong”. 

Life is hard. It is a fucking cold war. You’re rarely set up with the exact conditions that you believe you should have, but perhaps that is a built-in tendency within each and every one of us, to, as a species, keep pushing forward.

Going by “they/them” or “non-binary” is like voting for a third party in an American presidential election. Yes, it feels good to exercise your freedom to express your vote on your pronoun as you like. No, it does nothing to fix the extreme polarization already experienced between he's and she's.

I am upset with the individuals who see the gender roles associated with the opposite sex and feel they must have a sex or pronoun change so they can finally behave in that manner in peace. That is so ridiculous, especially coming from people who claim to not believe in gender norms at all. If they truly didn’t believe in the validity of gender roles, they wouldn’t claim to be “gender-neutral” or use the opposite sex’s pronouns, they would change what their inital pronoun means.

Why do you think you should have been born a man but you were born a girl? Because you like “boy” things? I mean, if you like “boy” things as a girl doesn’t that simply mean those things aren’t for boys only? As a male, If you think you should have been born a woman because of your mannerisms, what exactly does “being a woman” mean to you? You are reinforcing the monolithic portrayal of that entire group of people.

A true trans person recognizes that they have a condition. Body dysmorphia is extremely tough but everyone to some degree experiences it. Think of mentally handicapped people who are smart enough to recognize they have learning disabilities but can’t do anything about it. Now that is being trapped in a body you don’t like.

A girl I’ve known since elementary school with DiGeorge syndrome literally texts me once a month about how she thought about committing suicide again because she has special needs and doesn’t understand why she is the way that she is. I’m sure if she could change her conditions with a surgery she would, but at the end of the day, if she did change that part about herself, would she even be the same person?

No, she wouldn’t. I know this is her life and not mine, but I enjoy her for exactly who she is and her family does as well. It is also her specific level of understanding of  pain that allows her to understand that level of pain in someone else.

That shared empathy is powerful. That sort of unique connection only she can forge. Perhaps special needs/conditions are saved for specimens with special powers. Seriously.

Maybe young people today experience deeper levels of an identity crisis because they are meant to increase the possibilities for the human experience for future generations. Destroy the image of what they told us a man or a woman was and replace it with our own. 

STOP FOCUSING ON THE SURFACE LEVEL OF YOUR EXISTENCE. What if your destiny was to become something deeper than a transformation journey on Tik-Tok?

Think of overcoming your body-image problems like mental boot camp that you put yourself through to make you stronger. 

Cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When you are in an intense mental situation and you want to do everything you can to get out of it, so you naturally look for ways to. The tougher the situation the harder you look. Undergoing intense mental strife is how you strengthen your emotional intelligence.

The military uses cognitive dissonance exercises to produce the best soldiers. Such as the Israeli special ops. The first week of training they are given a puppy and to graduate from the program, months later, after they have formed a bond with the dog, the last thing they are instructed to do is kill their dog with their own two hands.

This level of mental stress increases one's emotional intelligence exponentially. Yes, it is a sad thing, but in the same breath, Israel has produced some of the best soldiers this world has ever seen.

There are countless studies out there that concur discipline increases one’s quality of life. A 2-week Harvard study carried out an experiment where they gave one group of candy lovers unlimited amounts of chocolate and the other one none. At the end of the study, they gave both groups chocolate but the ones that had been depraved reported higher levels of happiness upon consumption. (

All I’m saying is that people need to be pro putting in hard work when working on their self-image. With the increase of technology comes easier access to life altering procedures. When you were a teenager, if you were able to get everything you wanted, you probably would be dead by 20. Just because you can get on hormones and change your body doesn’t mean you should. We live in an instant gratification society so this is quite the temptation to battle but limitations are how we’re forced to get clever and find new paths as a collective consciousness.

Some people are meant to push the trajectory upward and others are meant to widen and stabilize our understanding of what already is, but both versions increase the spiritual mass of the human race.