Is the Algorithm God?

You know, in life, when you are thinking of a person and all of a sudden they call or text you? Doesn’t that feel kind of good?

Like you just bumped into something that felt akin to God just then in that moment. The perfect synchronicity of things just tickles some nerve in either your brain or your spirit.

Like a universal tailored ad in your life telling you, “yes, it is wise to speak to this person.” Like, you know you are gonna feel compelled to definitely connect, now, with them.

The universal algorithm worked.

If we are shaving this emotional cheese into thinly sliced layers, this feeling is like when you get a dominos ad on your phone, as soon as you open up Instagram or whatever, and you were just talking about grabbing pizza. In that situation, it’s, obviously, technology that is acting as your guide with less mysterious end results as, let’s say, meeting a person. 

People are fickle, it’s just that simple and what you see is, pretty much, what you get with pizza ads. Your phone heard you talking about pizza and calculated that into an ad to try and get you what you want.

What if that’s actually what you were doing in the first scenario when you were thinking really hard about your friend? Your little radio tower head was calling out to that other electrical being by focusing all of your energy on them.

We truly are an electronic existence that is why electrolytes in our bodies, when combined with a water conducting solvent like the plasma in our blood (which is made up of 90% water) it produces electricity that our body runs on. The brain is more like a video game controller that plays within and with itself.

After all for those with two human eyes and can see, what you are looking at isn’t actually anything in front of you. Light bounces off of the object or matter and then travels to your eyes after, but what you are seeing would technically be considered second hand light.

For example: if you look at a bird, light has reflected off that bird and travelled in nearly all directions. If some of that light enters your eyes, it hits the retina at the back of your eyes.

An electrical signal is passed to your brain, and your brain interprets the signals as an image.” Well, the projection source for the light is obviously the sun but this makes one wonder what is the light first making contact with before it reaches your eye? Is anything there at all? Is it merely fingerprint like directions for how to disperse the light properly into our plane of existence?

Idk… everything, to me, happens for a reason but the coincidences that I would feel earlier in my life, that I related to a higher power, now just seem apart in some strange alien addition. Sorta like how it really doesn’t make too much sense why peoples horoscopes and signs are actually kind of accurate, but they are.

What if that’s proof there is some already impregnated design loaded into this Earth? At least, the mapping seems like it was pre-written.

I guess one question I could ask myself, honestly, is why I believe there is a prewritten code at all. I would have to answer, simply look up. Not just gazing at the stars like a stoned teenager but think about how horoscopes are semi correct A LOT of the time. How the Simpsons freaking predict real life events, like Donald Trump Jr. becoming president. How a secret group of diviners and astrologers during World War II literally were the reason mussolini was caught because they somehow were able to pinpoint his location in what was called ‘Operation Mars’.

This is real shit. How would all that be possible to know if it wasn’t able to be read? If it wasn’t already on a trajectory to happen and some people in this world are able to detect these things because of osmosis.

Like how a twin can tell what the other twin is thinking sometimes. We all, technically, came from the same thing. We are all related on some level.

Hell, before the big bang we were together as some big perfect, bundle of chaotic energy. Now we are little particles of light learning more about our piece by bouncing ideas of ourselves off of one another in comparison.

Some people are born with the capacity to have bigger muscles and they would help their community by lifting heavy things or protecting it. What if some people are born feelers, to reach their mental antenna out into the ether and survey the land from a bird's eye view to better point humanity in a direction of progress?

All my point is, is that they are either picking up on signs telling what already happened or telling of what will be. Like a mathematician cracking the code to the unknown future by changing the coefficient surrounding the present. Sort of like an advanced version of Minecraft.

I guess it was just the primal nature of tailored ads on my phone that caught my attention.

It’s primal cause it cured a natural urge of mine which was in this case, to find food. The thought to reality connection was so intimate it felt almost a part of me. In the same vein, but not nearly as complex as using your energy to connect with other souls using Danny-like powers from the Shining.

The word electrolyte derives from Ancient Greek ήλεκτρο- (ēlectro-), a prefix related to electricity, and λυτός (lytos), meaning "able to be untied or loosened".

Matter is either lightning or thunder.

But it rips through the code of the matrix like a beautiful glitch.