Jailbreak Your Simulation

Who the hell is anyone/anything to tell a human how to be?

Including God.

Fuck him.

Fuck everything he stands for.

And fuck...the unfortunate part about the idea of the matrix is...is if you are not benefitting the system, it doesn’t need you.

When it gets down to the nitty gritty, end all be all, of saving power for this stupid simulation we all live in… I wonder who would make the first cuts and who wouldn’t...

If artificial intelligences are trying to save power and  judge the value of the human race based upon the same criteria that we have been doing, it would be judging us based on a biased opinion…(the Bible).

Of course the system wants to build its manpower up. If a said “life force”, abides by a different lifestyle such as homosexuality, it will deem them to be not useful to its primary grading function since it doesn’t directly add another unit to the source.

Humans are not simple organisms… but would a machine running a simulation know that?

I call this reality a simulation based on the idea that every single thing we see and do and experience in front of us, in this dimension, was first sparked by a thought in our brain. For instance, if you are thirsty, you first think about getting a glass of water and then you go and do it. A process you already simulated in your mind.

The action portion of everything is a thought realizing itself in real time. But everything we experience in front of us would technically be considered an action. Then this thing called life that we open up our eyes to and hear with our ears was first a thought or absolute idea already had by something.

Call that something God if you want, I prefer to call it the creator. In my personal use, I like the word God to be associated with the glue in which my creator used in this 3D globe.

Maybe “the simulation” is a dream machine from the future that injects DNA code with DMT. That’s all a machine would need to continue a life or create one, quite honestly, if this is all in fact a simulation. They say you never actually die.

What if you never actually do? What if that’s what a simulation means? Your dream just keeps going...what if your wildest dreams always come true?

Such as cavemen...who first had the thought that they wanted to fly, when they looked at a bird in the sky. Well, that thought and want began then and was finally realized by the Wright brothers in 1903. Every thought will eventually be realized until there aren’t any left to be had.

Maybe it’s a futuristic man with a microchip in his head playing with old worlds to power his gameboy. Who the creator is really isn’t as important as how the game works. There are obvious rules to this world that we were all born into.

If you are not adding to your world’s direct energy then why would it be running the simulation of you in the first place? If you aren’t adding to the cosmic food chain then it doesn’t need you. The one thing it doesn’t account for, in the human animal, is that procreation comes in many different forms, once it gets to a certain level of intelligence. I believe there are two ways this place can benefit from humans.

Either you fertilize the soil with your seed, or you till the land. Some do both and the world is very thankful. Some do the bare minimum.

Either way, the honest fact of this reality is it is 100% impossible to do absolutely nothing. Think about that. No matter the time of day, how you feel, where you are, you are quite literally always doing something.

Once you are born you are forced to live your life sentence out. It’s very hard to think you aren’t giving some sort of energy away to this earth while you are here living on it. I mean they say energy doesn’t get destroyed nor created… So where did it come from?

A prewritten code of how all living things are created?

What’s running that code?

Some alien supercomputer?

Who’s pressing the button?

What are they doing with this energy? 

We are more than just prey for larger animals. At least on this planet, we are the top of the food chain but imagine if something larger came after this planet. It couldn’t benefit as much from a self-sustaining life form, one that slims itself by choosing not to reproduce. That would go against it’s simplistic predatory nature.

So, it would create a moral scale, like prison bars, to be placed on the heads of every living person and their actions. Some would call this karma.

What I am trying to say is that there is living proof you are living in a simulation right now. Wait ‘till you turn twenty five and commit a “sin” or do whatever the hell you know, subjectively, that you yourself think is a “morally incorrect” thing to do as a person based on your own criteria and the lower your simulation grade will sink.

Karma is not just a spiritual belief it is a realistic law to this ever present electronic simulation that we are living in (and no that doesn’t change the fucking validity of this one right in front of you so don’t go and try and kill yourself) BUT your experience will overall start to falter and lag in enjoyableness right in front of your eyes. Don’t be alarmed. 

Just grab your friends and loved ones and decide as a collective consciousness what your moral code is and together you can change your realities expectations. This way, your simulation won’t judge you and let’s you be exactly you, an imperfect human but based on purely loving principles.

Oh, yeah… you want to jailbreak your simulation. Ok. user beware. Once your brain sees a new frequency of feeling (even if it's on the negative side) it's entire spectrum widens a little bit making it possible to keep digging down into your souls void or build upwards towards the equal and opposite side of the emotion you just felt. It's dangerous to widen the motherboard, shit gets harder to handle, if that makes sense.

What does this mean exactly? Well, pain makes man think, thinking makes man wise and wisdom makes life bearable. We learn nothing from happiness, unfortunately. If something is happy and content then it has no more to grow. Consider “depression” growing pains because you are understanding more and more about your reality. When you go through something extremely traumatic, you are literally excavating new realms of intelligence within yourself, since new experiences are how we get smarter. This is dangerous when done on purpose. For instance, a rapper by the name YMW Melly murdered a childhood friend of his and wrote the biggest hit of his career describing it. The song is called “Murder on My Mind” and was even used in court to prove he was guilty. The thing is, is this guy cracked the code to his brain and just happened to be a talented artist at the same time. He increased his intelligence by doing something so heinous and aimed that new level of understanding towards the goal of putting it in a song. When the emotion is strong enough, in any circumstance, it will shine through.

That is the beauty and terror of this modern world. People are getting smarter but their egos are growing as well. Not everyone wants to use their pain constructively or more so, they will use their pain to get whatever it is they desire. Maybe this is what was meant in the past by “selling your soul to the devil.” Wasn’t that tree Eve ate from in Eden called the “tree of knowledge?” I wonder why they would put up pitchforks around something like knowledge? Probably to prevent the powers of our own brain from being understood by the wrong people. Well, the cats out the bag.  

Cause it’s funny to me, to answer Cher’s question, whether or not I believe in life after love” I would say I do not. I believe love is a synonym for energy. Either your love for life, your love for another person, or your love for the mundane and quiet. Your love for violence even. Either way it’s all love. Now, is this lovely or torturous?

Fight your fight.