Raising The Frequency: 5G

The raising of the frequency all around the globe is making people clump up into clusters of star energy to continue to power the world.

Like, what if there literally is something that’s true as a soul mate, like a person(s) on earth, at the same time as you, that just happen to match your souls energy to a point perfectly where the two (or more because I believe family and best friends count as people that add to your energy) of you together form a stronger sprint of light in this dark paradise of a universe.

It is no coincidence you run into some people on this planet. It is all a galactic puzzle solving itself again and the magnetic force powering the through line to this epic universal equation is love, because without the want to live, conscious beings like people would cease to be living.

A dog is just thrown into a home with a family and has to go “well, guess this is life now.” For us it’s a choice to be happy or sad because we make our own conditions, for the most part.

Love is the highest frequency. We will get there, eventually. Your stars are calling you home, just listen to your dreams and the messages from the universe.

If you can map your stars like trajectory based on your families artifacts you can excavate your future like reading where a cocked back arrow might go based on how you were pulled back.

Gotta know where you came from if you wanna know where you want to go.