The Matrix: Modern Day Book Of The Dead

The Book of The Dead from Egypt, was never actually finished. I mean technically, can it be? Humanity isn’t fully dead yet. The book of the dead is all about assistance for lost souls in the underworld. Directions. Instruction

Nowadays, that equivalent could be a movie that changes absolutely everything you’ve ever thought about the world or yourself.

Movies either display an idea or convey an emotion but either way, the popular ones successfully fill some sort of void within the general population.

Art is a reflection of reality, and vice versa.

Movies curate a catharsis that the public need in order to digest certain social issues. It’s like needing to cry so you can stop being sad. What happens when you can’t cry? Watch a sad movie and it has the power to direct your emotions into that direction. You watch it, you cry and you feel better after you get those emotions out. We long to connect with one another. It is built in us to be this way. That is why a test to see if you are a sociopath involves putting an individual in a room and planting people around them that are instructed to yawn and if that individual doesn’t yawn, something is wrong with the motherfuck. We are meant to share the weight of this reality with one another. When you get a gash you must feel pain in order to get over that wound. Movies help facilitate proper mental growth on a mass scale. Like little therapy sessions.

Some movies have the opposite effect. To incite. There’s a reason the term “network programming” was first used in reference to TV. Do I really need to literate the connection?

I mean… I will.

The term programming sounds awfully like a computer reference and if The Matrix (1999) is right and we are living in an alien-computer simulation, was that movie perhaps the writing on our sarcophagus walls as humans?

“Gtfo of this place. Because something is wrong and if a black dude comes up and offers you two pills, don’t call the cops and always take the red one.”

I’m sure there are a lot of themes you could get out of that movie.

One strange one that peeks at actual true validity is the whole idea that Neo was inducted into a civilization that lived underground. The last humans, they were called. Well, I don’t know much about the last of mankind but it is a known fact that there were extremely technologically advanced civilizations living deep in the ice near Antarctica. The archeologists who found them were surprised at how complex these structures seemed to be considering they were over 20,000 years old. Maybe they’re still there? I mean, there’s even a pyramid in Antarctica that people are finally realizing is there. Perhaps mankind has a severe case of amnesia and it is now, finally starting to get better.

If a movie is popular that means it displayed something, a feeling, captured a moment, a situation, correctly. It’s so satisfactory when you are reminded of any sort of truth. Since it is a truth, it has always been, so instead of feeling like you gained something it actually feels like a thought has been returned to your brain.

Maybe the Book of the Dead jumped off the papyrus and Egypt walls and onto the big screen.

Just keep watching movies.

Perhaps, soothsayers opened up shop within the storytelling business. Wouldn’t they want to best get their message out to the public? What better way? The issue is when the people in charge of what's seen, start to weaponize the flow of consciousness in certain directions instead of letting art live like water through their spigot. Untampered and refined. That’s when propaganda becomes the cancer of entertainment. But, perhaps for the most part, the sharing of ideas isn’t as poisonous as we think. Humanity must have built some sort of sonar to locate the next rung, like a dolphin or something because the movies that have come out sure correspond closely to the world that is now currently around us.

Like 2001 Space Odyssey (1968) directed by Stanley Kubrik. Say what you want about the origin of the obelisks that popped up in Utah in 2020 but that’s one of the stranger things to have happened that people just brushed over. Airplaine two: the Sequal (1982), it depicted full body scanners at airports before they even existed, The Terminator (1984) accurately predicted military drones before they ever were thought to be a thing.

A movie that more so fits with the aiding of catharsis within current society is Godzilla Vs. Kong (2021)

The scene where Godzilla has his foot on the neck of King Kong during their epic fight was overly obvious in it’s resemblance to the caught on camera murder of George Floyd.

The cinematography was by far pointing to a very current theme of visual oppression.

It would be foolish not to see the similarities and signs of the times within the films of the day. I mean, consider the source. Of course, they are telling the public about themselves. Is that so bad?

In some circumstances, I believe, movies have the power to trap hate inside of them so that particular version of negativity never has to reach reality.

Maybe if the situation is realized through an art medium, the artist or artists involved can stack enough half truths and piece together enough peoples experiences to propel that moment of intensity into cyberspace, where it is insulated between the real world and what could have been. I actually believe all forms of media do this in one way or another, such as books. For example, the book Of Mice and Men (1937) by John Steinbeck ends with George shooting Lenny in the back of the head to save him from a more painful death at the hands of Curley, the man whose wife was accidently killed by Lenny. Lenny had special needs and didn’t know his own strength when he killed her. This type of story displays a qualm between individuals with special needs and the rest of society. Back in Rome they used to toss babies with down syndrome off of cliffs to keep them from integrating. I do not believe this is a proper response when dealing with those with mental issues, however, it is stories like Steinbeck’s that retell old tropes in modern settings that keep the world from forgetting important lessons.  

The more you know about potential problems the better apt you will be at avoiding future ones. Some movies are surveys of mood and dictations of solutions.

Native Americans always did say a photograph is stealing a piece of one's soul. Sort of like getting your DNA tattooed on your chest for really smart machines to find you with a fine toothed comb. Perhaps it’s making movies depicting problems about the future that keeps the thing from actually happening. Like the full thought never actually needs to be realized in real life because it was felt just enough within the ethers through the screen.

I don’t know.

I just believe in circles. Like patterns. Like complete cycles of things. I would be a fool not to see the wishy washy nature of time. It feels like it’s here, it’s gone the next moment, all the while feeling like it’s never going away. It’s a melting of cause and effect. If there was someone with as good energy as they say christ had when he was alive I see perfectly good reason why someone like adolf hitler existed. In fact, it is the exact existence of hitler that makes me believe a fellow like Christ even lived. He is the antithesis of who Jesus was said to be and according to Newton’s 3rd law of motion that states every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the opposite of Hitler must have existed at some point in time. We are just lucky enough to have gotten photographic evidence of the latter character. Guess we all just have to hold our breath for the next rung to be reached by society. Since we had a hitler last, hopefully it’s time for another couple Martin Luther Kings JRs.

Communication is a complex thing.

The Book of the Dead refers to the part of the worldly energy that is written about what not to do. The Universe still learns from those souls, just because they are lost does not mean they don’t have a home. I believe this is a decision one makes with oneself and the world around you. Like, ok, I fucked up in my life. I sinned a little too much and I feel like I am in a karmic vice. Sometimes, you can barter with your creator and peace of mind by somehow constructing your experience for the world to learn from. Like donating yourself to science after you die, donate your soul to information. You went and ate one too many apples from the tree of knowledge and, now, you’re bound now to leave some kernel of truth in the soil.

At some point, you decide in your core what you are willing to give back to this place around you. You set your overall intention early in life. Yeah you change, but maybe all those moments of liminal space are just completing a transformation that your DNA was already set to unravel? Sometimes, I believe choice to be an illusion. Anyway.

The Book of the Dead. Information of what not to do. This could be seen as an allegory of Eve eating the apple in the garden of Eden. They are cast away from the heavenly spotlight and condemned to “eat dust all the days of your life” like minecrafting their way to redemption through versions of the past that didn’t work.

The problem is...she ate from the apple… and in the end, you aren’t human if you don't. That’s the ironic issue with all of this. If you didn’t sin you would have no reason to be here with your soul, for you are angelic. This place is not.

Perfection is for robots. It is IMPOSSIBLE. But the reason you are here is to recognize your dirt, and have the drive to get clean or till your mound as best you can. And that means many different things. But ain’t that seriously the journey of life? Like what it’s all about? If there wasn’t something to do up here, then why we even be here with all this intelligence and primate sex organs?

What if something watching this place from far away is tracking all the data of those souls that ate a few too many apples from the tree of knowledge. The Universe recycles whatever energy it put into creating you. You will add to the growing cycle of everything that is or was or what shouldn’t be. No ifs ands, or buts about it. Through information or through new life.

(to be continued)