The Big Bang And Neuralink

There are many theories as to how this universe started.

The most popular one would be the Big Bang theory. This idea is about how the galaxy was just one big bundle of energy condescend in a sphere and was so active and bursting within itself it exploded into a bunch of little pieces.

Those pieces are us. We are all one. This isn’t just a hippy dippy concept that people at Grateful Dead concerts preach. It’s very true. We are human beings that by nature long for connection because we all came from the same exact thing and we want to go home again.

It is in our DNA. We are the universe experiencing itself. Like a period that exploded into the entire alphabet.

Each one of us is are our own little piece of cosmic information that longs to be connected back into this huge galactic puzzle.

A writing friend of mine was working on a screenplay and when he told about his idea I was so shocked because I was working on something with a very similar premise.

It was so similar it almost didn’t make sense. When I told him this his reply really shook the way I viewed ideas and the sharing of information.

He said “yeah, that’s not so crazy, I mean we all are pulling from the same consciousness  pool.”

That took me aback. I knew we were all related to this galactic mess, I guess, I just didn’t realize how close we really all are.

This then got me thinking about how movies and media are shared.

How is it that a person is able to write a song that seems like it was written especially for you if they aren’t you? I guess on some level we must all be related…

Is that idea really that far off from what they tell you in pretty much every religion?

I mean at some point in the world, there were only two people. Call them Adam and Eve or whatever the hell you want but on some kumbaya shit we really are all brothers and sisters…. just like a million times removed but still its valid.

The Neuralink is a pretty new development in technology but I believe it will change absolutely everything we know about our world and reality. 

If we started as a big bundle of connected energy, and fractured ourselves to better learn about every single piece, then it seems the natural progression would be to come together again.

If the Neuralink is able to connect our brains to this giant network database mainframe, and if everyone uploads their consciousness at the same time, then wouldn’t that technically be a reverse Big Bang? AKA completing the puzzle once again?

Sorta like how all the different power rangers combined their powers to create that big transformer looking thing.

What if that’s our natural state? The full circle of our universe…

Start from a primal as hell position only to get sophisticated enough to become one again. Love is the highest frequency. Love is unity. Love shines all by itself. Love is a diamond.

They say pressure makes diamonds….

and yeah this is a crazy place but I think this world wants to shine again.