What The F*** Is Toxic-Femininity? 

Toxic femininity is when a woman is emotionally manipulative and it can be brutal.

Many women in society know just how brutal they can be towards one another, but you all treat this fact as a happy little secret while you gaslight men into being the problem. Women have somehow convinced the world that they haven't been right next to men the entire time, helping make decisions and enforcing the negative behavior you claim to hate with your entire existence.

The generalization that men are more aggressive isn't exactly true. It all depends on how you are measuring aggressive behavior. Testosterone is the chemical behind feelings of rage. That's why bodybuilders who take it experience something called: 'roid rage'. There are academic studies that support the claim that testosterone may facilitate behaviors aimed at obtaining and maintaining power and dominance. Perhaps an artificial influx of that chemical causes them to lash out in this manner because they feel there is some invisible power to grab somewhere in the ether.

Women, in general, make about 1/10th to 1/20th of the amount of testosterone as men's bodies. This is why physical altercations are associated with men. They have more of this chemical that causes them to get physical. Or, perhaps it is the missing of certain chemicals on the other side of the spectrum that has limited their scope of how to act.

There are many studies that attribute women's aggressive behavior to being far more psychological than physical. There is research that supports the claim that men have a higher threshold of tolerance for genetically unrelated same-sex individuals, than females do. That means they play better with others than women do. All I’m trying to say is that intense competition is experienced by both sexes and, on average, in much different ways.

Isn’t it true that what is “toxic” to some, is seen as attractive to others? Some women enjoy the feeling of having two men fight over them. There is something primal in it that predates back to caveman days when survival of the fittest was the standard. If there was no positive reinforcement for this behavior it would not still be a reality millions of years later.

If toxic masculinity involves the void of emotion and use of physcial violence, toxic femininity would be the exact opposite; in this case, emotions are weaponized.

There are scientific studies that claim women partake in social ostracism far more than men. (source)

In fact, this seems to be the exact way that they tend to act out viciously. Think of the movie Mean Girls and how their version of "fighting", surrounded reputation destruction. 

The best example of toxic femininity is CANCEL CULTURE. If men are physical bullies, then women are mental bullies. The brutality of women comes in the form of exclusion.

We are social creatures. To cut off one's connection to others is actually so barbaric; torture from the inside out. That's why solitary confinement has been seen as one of the most cruel forms of punishment the legal system offers. Cancel culture is now everywhere and most of the witch hunting comes from women. How ironic.

If someone has an opinion they don't agree with banish them. We don't want to hear them talk anymore. They can live and all, sure, but they must do it alone, now because of what they said or thought. This is the antithesis of empathy. This is outcasting. This does not want to help the problem. This only pushes it to a point where they can't see it anymore. If you believe someone's opinion is wrong, how about you listen and respond to them? It genuinely is helicopter parenting for culture. Helicopter parenting increases anxiety and depression. It prohibits a person from being wrong and learning. Whether someone’s opinion is “right” or not, since when were people not allowed to disagree with what’s being said?

If toxic masculinity is equatable to a physical beheading as punishment, then toxic femininity would be banishment.

Toxic femininity is being empathetic enough to have the cardinal knowledge of someone's deep insecurities and using them to your advantage. Making fun of someone's fat or dick size because you know how much it hurts them. Telling your friends and putting that person down or manipulating your group of people to stay away from a single individual. Or, it can be using your sexuality as a tool for manipulation.  

Like Cardi b drugging and robbing men after she went home with them.

The oppressor and the oppressed change based on the situation and institutions that you are referring to.

This is apparent in child custody battles. The court usually always sides with the mother assuming the dad is not as good of a parent naturally. You will find many, many men, nowadays who claim this to be complete and utter bullshit. Everyone knows one off-her-rocker mother who should not be in charge of her kid, but the world is set up to assume she is the best parent. How do you think that makes men feel? (source)

Actually, forget about that, what do you think that means for the future of the child?

We only hear about women roles in opposition to the patriarchy. Apparently, there is no such thing as "toxic femininity" because it is a direct result of "toxic-masculinity" and the gender roles "men forced" onto women. I mean, this whole idea that women were expected to stay home and take care of the children and teach schools didn't seem so bad during World War 1 or 2 or any other war for that matter.

Men are disproportionately called to the frontlines of battle over women. Females aren’t even able to be drafted. Men are literally the only ones that are required by law. “The Selective Service System remains in place if needed to maintain national security, with all male civilians between the ages of 18 and 25 required to register… women have been allowed to serve in every role in the military, including ground combat, since 2016, but they don’t have to register with the Selective Service System.” (source)

If men are straight up, oppressive in this society, why are they forcing themselves and each other to put their life on the line to protect us? Why aren’t they sending the people they are oppressing to do their bidding? That would better fit the narrative of a tyrannical patriarchy to me. 

Personally, I believe American society revolves around the queen bee philosophy. The women tell the men what she needs and what she wants and it is the man's job to go out and make it happen. I really don't think that is so terrible to build a society that elevates the part that is responsible for reproductive activities. That is just rational thinking in terms of survival. Is that the way things are now? Hell no. But even in gay couples there is one partner who is usually more effeminate and one more masculine. That's just how it is. The ying needs the yang. Usually.

See nothing, nowadays, is holistically true.

Masculine and feminine refers to gender. They are groupings of behaviors that are linked to ones sex (reproductive parts), however, the connection between the two has gotten much more lax over time.

Some argue the two aren't related at all; what kind of genitalia you have vs. how you act, but to believe this would be like saying there is no difference between a penis and a vagina. Having one, or the other yield very different experiences to be had in this world, and I don't believe the only difference is skin deep.

Estrogen is responsible for making women’s hips wider so they are able to squeeze out a baby. Whether we agree in a womens main function or not, the original function of a woman was to reproduce for the human organism and the original function of a man was to help make that happen.

Now the beauty about these black and white versions of people is that we are far past that simple functionality. Women have been oppressed because of one reason only, her ability to give birth. Thanks to the development of birth control and abortion, women have taken back the autonomy of her own body i.e. the power. Her main function isn’t strictly to have kids anymore.

This is so important because if we are to survive as a species we must capitalize on every talent every one of us possess. Now, a lot of women can't even have babies and a lot of men don’t want to. In my opinion, this may be a built in function like a sort of population control. That and as we get more intelligent, we are realizing the untapped potential of same sex relationships and love.  

I didn’t mean for this to sound angry, but I get upset, when all the blame is on men.

Let ye without sin cast the first stone.